Customized and branded to align with your corporate identity, Reward Geek is an online platform that enables an organization’s members to recognize their peers publicly for positive performance.

Adds workplace culture celebrating productive behaviors

Gamification adds fun, encouraging viral usage and maximal engagement

Recognized employees are rewarded with points redeemable for prizes

Opportunities for sharing accolades via social media networks

Reward Geek’s benefits extend to any size of organization, within any industry type.

team synergy
increased engagement

performance improvement

employee retention
morale building

Reward Geek allows owners, managers, and fellow employees to reward others with points that can be turned into great prizes, including anything your team can dream up!

gift cards


pizza parties

lunch with
the boss

a day or half day off

vip parking spot

sharing  the  love

Thank You Badges

Select from an assortment of funny, inspiring or encouraging badges. As an add-on, Reward Geek’s design team can put together custom badges aligned with an organization’s individualized culture. Insider jokes and motivational messages are encouraged!


Peers can nominate others to receive achievement points. Levels of achievement are designated by special merit badges. Employees are motivated to climb the achievement ladder with badges they earn over time. The higher the badge, the more points and the better the rewards!

Social Sharing

The ability for team members to share their badges and achievements through their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ accounts fosters pride and spreads their recognition further. It’s an opportunity for employees to brag about getting thanked for something great they did at work!

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