Making your company the one everybody wants to work for has never been easier or more fun!!

Raise morale, ease absenteeism and turnover, ramp up recruiting, and best of all, cut labor costs! When people feel valued, they get motivated, feel happy at work, and want to achieve greatness. And when word gets out that your company treats its employees well, your reputation grows. Top talent will want to work with the company people rave about. Reward Geek is all about making that happen.

With Reward Geek, your company can easily change the culture of your workplace. With turnkey options, the platform can be up and running in days or we can customize the platform in any way to your liking.

what reward geek does for teams

Reward Geek is an online software platform that empowers HR directors, managers and employees to recognize their peers publicly and privately for positive performance by rewarding badges or points redeemable for cool prizes.

Reward Geek can be customized and branded to align with your unique corporate identity.

Reward Geek creates a culture of celebrating productive workplace behaviors.

Motivate your employees to do great work for awesome rewards.

Even the busiest managers can show hard working employees they appreciate them! A simple badge sent in minutes from any computer anywhere can say thank you or happy birthday. Points can reward above and beyond accomplishments!

Convert your own internal metrics and rankings into points for high achievers. For example, the top 3 sales people in your organization can be automatically rewarded with points in intervals that you choose whether it’s weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.

Reward Geek games like NFL Pick ‘Em add fun for employees. Our team is continually developing new games!

Employees can reach out to other employees with badges or nominate them for rewards.

Managers and employees can easily share accolades, acknowledge milestones, or just say thanks for getting a project out of the weeds!!

e-gift cards make prize fulfillment a snap!

When you reward gift cards, Reward Geek handles the fulfillment. You don’t need to worry about it! Gift cards can be emailed to your employees upon redemption.

company  specific  rewards

Get creative and create your own sought-after rewards! Maybe it’s a day off, lunch with the boss, or a pizza party for a particular department. That parking space right outside the door could be up for grabs.

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