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How to Create a Balanced Work-life Environment for Employees

By November 14, 2016Uncategorized
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How to Create a Balanced Work-life Environment for Employees

“The challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man.” – Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

If what we know for sure is that creating a work and life balance for your employees will be one of the most daunting tasks you face, the focus should then be making it a priority. In fact, it could very well be a matter of life and death. According to a study from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, people who work in high-stress jobs with little control are more likely to die sooner than those who have more control over and balance in their work. The study actually puts a number on life expectancy for those who work in high-stress positions. In 2004, the researchers spoke with some 2,363 working people 54 years and older who were not retired. Researchers checked back in with those same individuals only seven years later, and those who had spent their lives working in stressful environments that offered little control were 15.4% more likely to have died.

Now, this is certainly not to say that all workplace pressures, competition or deadlines need to be eliminated. But, it does speak to the benefit of considering the environment you create for your employees, levels of employee motivation, and how you incorporate employee recognition. Research tells us there are simple ways to help your employees achieve a balanced work and home life.

Use Vacation Days

In 2015, Americans left 658 million vacation days on the table. That means more than half of all workers in the U.S. had at least one unused vacation day. We’ve created an environment that makes our employees feel that they have to take their work home, work later, and come in earlier to be considered a powerful asset to the company. Good managers know that isn’t the case. A recent study reveals that workers who take a vacation are more likely to get promoted and receive a raise, so skipping days off to leap up the corporate ladder is simply ineffective.

Make Work Rewarding

Countless types of personalities will work for your business. Some need more attention, training, discipline or praise than others. No matter the character of the employee, one desire nearly all team members share is the need to be appreciated. A recent report says 78% of workers report being recognized motivates them in their job. In addition, nearly half of all workers say they would leave their job to go to a company that recognized employees for their efforts and contributions. Making work rewarding isn’t hard. In fact, with employee recognition software platforms like Reward Geek, you can allow team members to work towards points and exchange them for different prizes. Employees can recognize one another, creating a more cohesive, positive work environment.

Say “Thank You”

A lack of recognition may result in high turnover for your company. It’s amazing how far a simple pat-on-the-back can go with your employees. A TINYpulse 2014 Employee Engagement Report reveals 79% of employees don’t feel strongly valued for the work they put in. A genuine “thank you” can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your hardest workers. The two minutes it will take to express gratitude in a hand-written note, or stop by an employee’s desk to recognize the attention to detail in a recent project is nothing compared to the loyalty you’ll receive from a motivated employee who feels her work is valued.

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