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Employee Relations & HR Professionals

By December 16, 2016employee relations

Employee Relations & HR Professionals

If you’ve ever worked for a company with a “top-down” management approach, you can likely list off reason after reason why an autocratic approach rarely leads to a successful business. By comparison, it’s easy to see why developing employee relations builds a much stronger (not to mention enjoyable) office space. The challenge: saying the words “employee relations” out loud to a room full of workers triggers a 60 second countdown to glassed over expressions or secret games of Candy Crush held just out of your view. Let’s take a (fun) look at how to integrate strong employee relations into your business to increase employee motivation and your bottom line.

Beyond the employee handbook

Even when understood and followed by the best of employees, company policies, dress code and time sheet requirements will not help you understand how to communicate with and motivate your team. The relationships your build with your employees – knowing who appreciates praise in public, who needs more guidance, and who can use a confidence boost every now and then – is what allows you to grow with and better your employees.

 Show me the money? What employees really want

What do your workers want? Here’s a tip: You can’t replace it with a bonus check. Your team members want feedback. Employees are only fearful of meetings with human resource managers because they happen so rarely, and seldom do they end in smiles. If you want to improve your employee relations and create a better working relationship between your team and HR professionals, don’t make the meetings so far and few between. Consider that nearly half of all employees would quit their current job for a business that better recognizes their contributions, so it’s time to start giving feedback (positive and constructive), which brings us to…

How to build employee relations

Some of the most recognized companies in the world have become infamous for their employee benefits and relationships they’ve built amongst all levels. Now, if you don’t have the budget or man power to offer unlimited vacation, an onsite child care service or recreational center, let’s cut to the basics. Workers want to be recognized, and while a luxurious spa next to the breakroom would be nice, a simple validation for hard work will do just fine. Employee rewards software makes saying “awesome job” or “I appreciate you” much easier. An online rewards program, like Reward Geek, allows you and coworkers to recognize a worker within the office when she reaches a set goal or has gone above and beyond what was expected.

The bottom line is if you want to better your employee relations, you have to actually form relationships with your workers. The metrics tool from Reward Geek gives you insight into what motivates your team members, who’s the office MVP, and how you can coach productive behavior through simple recognition. A personalized badge, points that allow employees to pick their own gifts, or an office party are great ways to get that relationship off to a great start.