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Employee Reward Ideas for the Holidays

By November 18, 2016Uncategorized
employee rewards holiday gift ideas

Employee Reward Ideas for the Holidays

Most employees have a collection of coffee mugs with their company logo, ink pens with the same logo, a shirt or jacket…with the same logo. So as we approach the holiday season, before you click the mass order of keychains with the fancy mini flashlight built in adorning the same company logo, take a step back. Your team members will most appreciate meaningful gifts, a memorable experience and an atmosphere that offers recognition outside of the holiday months.

Why Employee Rewards Work reports that 83% of employees said they would feel more appreciated, work harder, feel motivated, and have more loyalty towards the company if they received a holiday incentive. Contrary to popular belief, holiday rewards for employees don’t have to be a bonus check or expensive gifts. Your team members want to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the company, and that doesn’t have to involve a foreign trip or an astronomical bonus.

Add Flare to the same Group Gift

It may be easier and more cost effective for you to purchase all of your employees the same gift, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a personal touch to it. Adding a note explaining why that employee makes your team better, or partnering the gift with a gift card, special training opportunity, or “free day off” pass will make the present even more memorable.

Experience over Package

Great memories will outlast a box of chocolates any day of the week. Consider creating an event outside of the office as an employee gift idea. A baseball game, theatre show, or renting out a restaurant can be the perfect setting for great employee engagement. Your team will be in a more relaxed environment, have an opportunity to engage with team members they otherwise rarely see, and create deeper relationships they can carry back into the office Monday morning.

Recognition Outside of the Holidays

This is a great time to remind your managers (and yourself) that you shouldn’t wait until the holiday season to show your employees appreciation for their hard work. Employee recognition throughout the year is key to keeping your business flourishing and your team members dedicated to the task at hand.

If the thought of writing thank you cards or buying gifts each month makes your head spin, consider what Reward Geek has to offer – a digital, easy-to-use, trackable platform that allows you to reward and recognize your employees with the click of a mouse. Managers and employees can easily share accolades, acknowledge milestones, or just say thanks for getting a project out of the weeds.

Reward Geek also lets your team members recognize each other. They can reward coworkers with badges, nominate them for rewards, or send a simple “happy birthday” note. Allow your employees to earn points through different achievements and then use those points to gain rewards like gift cards.

Introducing Reward Geek to your team as an employee recognition tool may just be the support you need to make 2017 the most productive year yet.