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How to Inspire Creativity in the Workplace

By November 17, 2016Uncategorized
inspiring employees and creativity in the workplace

Inspiring Employees: How to Inspire Creativity in the Workplace

Writer’s block, unclear thoughts, sleep deprived. We’ve all been there – moments when your mind fails you and creativity is a distant memory as you chug another cup of coffee. The bad news is: your employees suffer from the same creativity lapses. The good news is: you can do something about it. Because workplace creativity can be developed, and it’s not an inborn trait as some may assume, you can implement different activities and incentives to keep employee motivation high.

Encourage Creativity

If you’ve ever worked in an office where “we’ve always done it this way” could be the company slogan, you know the importance of giving your employees autonomy and empowerment to bring unique ideas to the table. Google is one of the most recognized companies for offering a specialized work environment. Google’s most famous management philosophies is something called “20% time.” While there has been some debate about how the strategy is implemented, the idea is brilliant! The search engine giant is credited with giving its employees 20% of their work time to develop ideas that will benefit the company. Well-recognized services like Google News, Gmail, and AdSense have come from the 20% time concept.

Offer Breaks

If you can’t manage to offer your employees 20% of their time to “create,” then encourage small breaks throughout the day to inspire employees to relax and obtain a fresh new outlook on problems. A study from Park West Gallery speaks to the importance of work breaks, with 61% of respondents claiming time off improves physical health and 55% saying it allows betterment of mental health.


If there’s something more difficult to overcome than a creative slump, it’s a manager who simply doesn’t listen to your ideas. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to not only encourage creative thoughts, but also to listen to them, consider what will work and help bring the ideas to life. Even if your team ultimately doesn’t benefit from or even use some of the ideas, the goal is to keep inspiring employees to continue to grow and maintain a creative mindset.

Reward Employees

Inspiring employees to be creative and productive doesn’t have to be a difficult or timely task. Implementing a plan from an employee reward program, like Reward Geek, offers motivation to your team members. In fact, your employees can help drive one another to success through recognizing a coworker’s above-and-beyond efforts. Employee recognition programs add positivity to the workplace culture, allows employees to feel appreciated, and puts the spotlight on hard workers.

An unexpected benefit that comes from utilizing an employee reward program is making the task of recruiting strong talent a little easier. As your company work environment improves, the difference is noticed by clients, customers, and job seekers. People who are willing to work hard and appreciate the idea of positive reinforcement will quickly buy into the new culture you’ve designed. You’ll not only improve employee morale and inspire employees, but you’ll also create an atmosphere where your employees are creative and they’re comfortable expressing unique ideas.