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Improving Workplace Motivation with Employee Recognition Software

By December 21, 2016January 29th, 2017workplace motivation
workplace motivation

Improving Workplace Motivation with Employee Recognition Software

Workplace motivation is a topic you probably give little thought, until of course your employees need a major boost of motivation. But let’s be honest. At that point the ship is sinking and you’re the only one with a bucket trying to bail the water out. The key to keeping team members motivated is keeping them motivated at all times, not just when a big deadline is approaching or when you may need a few overtime hours.

Motivating your team can be simplified by using employee recognition software. The right software can help you recognize employees when they hit a goal or work beyond their job description. It can make it easier to encourage workers to better their performance. Just a click of the mouse can change the work environment in your office.

What is Employee Recognition Software?

Treat your employees how you want your customers to be treated. If that suggestion leaves you thinking it’s time to raise the bar with how (and how often) you motivate and give your employees a pat on the back, you’re not alone. Online employee recognition software allows you to give meaningful appreciation for a job well done. Praise, reward, and thank your team members in a way that reinforces productive, valued behavior. Employee recognition software, like what you’ll find at Reward Geek, not only allows business leaders to reward employees, but coworkers can celebrate a job well done by recognizing another team member.

Why use Employee Recognition Software?

If you’re reading this post thinking that wouldn’t work for my business. I need real employee recognition solutions, let’s talk about the benefits that come with online employee recognition software.

  • Keep top talent: CareerBuilder reports 34 percent of employees are regularly searching for job opportunities. If you want to keep your best workers, make them feel they are appreciated and valued.
  • Repeat positive actions: Want your employees to repeat their most productive actions? Reward them for doing it in the first place. Reinforce what you want to see in each worker, which motivates employees to repeat the same behaviors with a goal of again being recognized. This cycle will improve the workplace environment and grow your business. Yeah, we’ll call that a win-win-win.
  • Support one another: Employee recognition software isn’t just for the manager. Employee recognition solutions like Reward Geek, help better your work environment by letting workers reward each other. What a novel idea – let your team members motivate one another to the point of bettering your company. Ok, that’s another win.

Motivate with Employee Recognition Software

Anyone can bark out a “thank you” in passing, but successful leaders, the kind that employees refuse to leave, know that employee motivation is more complicated than that. One easy solution is Reward Geek employee recognition software, which is customizable to your office. For example, you can create personalized badges to recognize an employee for a specific success. You award points, which can vary depending on the accomplishment, that can be turned into cool rewards. Rewards can be gift cards, charitable contributions, or company specific rewards like lunch with the CEO, a prime parking spot or a day off. The customization doesn’t stop with employee rewards. Your Reward Geek metrics tell you who is using the platform, most popular rewards, and who is being nominated for rewards. Use this information for performance analysis and better feedback for your team.

With 46 percent of workers desiring a good work culture, a solid employee recognition program will help grow your business and keep the talent that gets you to the top.