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Tips on keeping employees happy

By September 14, 2016September 29th, 2016Tips
Employee Recognition Platform

Have you ever had a really great boss? The type of leader who shows the excellence she expects of employees, listens to the team and works proactively instead of reactively to challenges facing the company or you as an individual. Think back. We’re willing to bet, in most cases, the list of reasons you admired and appreciated that boss had little to do with your salary.

A challenge business owners and manager must overcome is the belief that giving employees a raise will make them happy. In fact, a survey conducted by TINYpulse says the number one desire of employees is transparency within the company. You’ll be hard pressed to find the professional who says a deserving salary isn’t important, but when it comes to longevity and loyalty to a company, your team members want to know the truth about the state of the business.

Workers want to feel that they are a valuable part of a quality team and you recognize their efforts. Perhaps it’s time to implement employee recognition programs. Understanding what your workers need to be happy will help you decide on employee rewards ideas.

Work-Life Balance

With the reach of email, text messages or intra-office communication tools, you can reach a team member nearly any time of the day or night. This fact, in some cases, may have a negative effect on your team’s morale. Offering team members a complete break from work is needed to allow them to regroup and reenergize.

When extended work hours are needed, be clear and upfront with your team. Let them know what’s needed, the end goal and the benefit to them (an extra comp day, overtime pay). But don’t make it a regular habit. Giving your team a balance between work and home will keep them fresh and productive while at work.

Recognize and Reward Employees

Recognize the hard work of your team. Also acknowledge that not everyone accepts praise the same way. While one team member may thrive off of being acknowledged in front of a large group at a meeting, that same token of appreciation may make someone else feel embarrassed. Understand your employees and find ways to most effectively communicate your thanks. Simple employee rewards can be thank you badges, or you can work with our Reward Geek team to implement a customized employee rewards program that allows team members and managers to acknowledge and thank one another.

Build a Future

Your time in planning a career path for individuals on your team can be priceless to the team member who wants to stay and grow within the company. Providing training can help your employees see the investment you’re offering in their future. Keep your team abreast on upcoming opportunities for advancement and guide them to the best way to prepare for the opportunity. When workers feel their skills are recognized through a next step in their career, they’ll bring a more positive attitude to the workplace.

Be Consistent

Workers are more confident in a leader who is consistent in her approach to problems, opportunities and the future of team members. It helps to be organized when you’re trying to stay consistent with feedback and rewarding your employees. Employee recognition programs from Reward Geek allows you to allot points to top performers in the company. Workers can redeem those points for rewards and team members can acknowledge one another for their hard work or support.

Utilizing an employee rewards software program will allow you to keep track of workers who are meeting the demands of the business. It will offer you the ability to consistently engage with and recognize your team’s hard work. It will give you the ability to raise morale, make workers feel valued, and let them know you care in just minutes with a few clicks.

Employee Recognition Platform

The belief that people work hard for more money isn’t accurate. Your team wants to know what’s going on inside the workplace and they want to feel valued. A little recognition can go a long way to keeping your employees happy at work. The Reward Geek Team has designed an employee recognition platform that can be customized and branded to fit your company’s needs. Get started today with a free trial.