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To Vacation Or Not To Vacation

By December 16, 2016January 29th, 2017rewards

When you’re thinking about ways to reward hard working employees, besides using an, online employee rewards program, you can start with vacation time. It’s not just how much vacation time you offer but also your attitude about people taking the time off that’s important. Do you try to communicate with people while they’re off? If you know they’re not traveling during their time off, do you feel compelled to ask them to join you for a “quick” meeting? Do you pile on new assignments just before an employee’s time off, making them work extra hard before vacation? Do you shame them in any way for taking time off?

According to a recent study, millennial employees are more likely to work while on vacation and to shame others for taking time off. Even more telling, 55% of respondents said they let vacation time go unused.

If you want to create a thriving, functioning workplace that your employees will appreciate, look at how you and your workplace values time off and make sure employees feel free to take vacation and feel good about taking the time off. Let them know that vacation time is given to be taken. Work is not expected to be done during the time and that being away from work and shutting down one’s “work brain” is healthy to being productive the rest of the time. Make shaming anyone for taking vacation seem silly and wrong.

Of course, don’t give out vacation time you can’t afford to give and don’t pile on extra work right before someone leaves. Have an easy to follow vacation policy and stick with it so your workplace is covered. Be proactive with your staff and plan the workload out so it’s prioritized and manageable. To do this, you must make clear how far in advance employees need to put in requests for days off and hold people to it. Let clients know if key personnel will be out so reasonable expectations for deadlines are set. And if only so many employees can be out at one time, communicate these issues and implement a fair way to deal with everybody’s vacation requests.

Online Employee Rewards Program

Last, think about time off as a perk that an employee rewards program like Reward Geek can offer employees. If you use an online employee rewards program like Reward Geek to reward points that can be exchanged for prizes for worthy employees, perhaps a day off or a long weekend getaway can be one such prize. Not only is that a great reward for doing great work, but it again sends the message that time off is an aspect of your workplace that employees can value and take without guilt.